20 febrero, 2015


                                                 © Alexander Miliukov


I call you from my private ocean while flourishing a new type of emotion.
Pain escalates the mountains between our hearts

I dare naming your scent

The words float aside this new type pain

Brushing the faces of elevators

Crossing universes that dream to be dreamed of.

Once I told you I do not need you I do not miss you

It is true the mountains carve my emotions

I talk to you from my prison

I exude my freedom fragrance anytime;

My mind flutters hither and thither

Scudding words in the canvas of Light.

Dear Dolphin, when will you dive north?

I assume your brain is swimming in southern thoughts,

But perhaps you are hidden somewhere in the radiant morning star that shines on top of undiscovered skies;

The skin of time calling at night

The skin of your memory ascending over space,

The flowers of every thunder crying when lonely.

I convince myself the best I can be is far from human warmth
          –Slapping over life, yielding fields of hope that won’t stop.

                                      Le Grand Bleu (Besson, 1988). Dream scene.

My beloved Sea, we are two poles written in the eye of a song that smells

Hovering, longing, kissing the air.

I still see your face landing in dark forests of future planets

Where did you go?

I followed the grandiose luminescence,

Goddess was teaching me something true.

From this lonely mountain I tear my breath asunder

To dig deep in the fragrance of your sun

Feelings that emerge upon the endless silken land

My arrant future arising 

Higher than Elevation

From this lonely summit I sow the stars.

You were chanting naked upon the velvet lagoon

With my eyes torn by your delphic body

I touched the moon with my infinite summer

The furrows of a broader grin trenching

           ─ So many waves without water,

We had entered the inconceivable, the Beauty

We were crushed somewhere in a worldly apparel

And returned home walking towards Eternity

        Drinking the blood of time.

           Breaking waves in the Lagoon Nebula. Via the Hubbard Space Telescope: NASA/ESA

Through the deepest waters I walk

To find You

Freedom Y-A-W-P-S

Listen to the firmament

She talks about the R e v o l u t i o n.

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