03 febrero, 2015

The Stars Are Howling For Truth

© Ivan Aivazovsky, Storm at Sea on a Moonlit Night

To my friend L. H.

Crossed by a beastly sharpness of delight, I watch the bleeding of your heart traveling through a starry melody that shines.

Vibrations from your ink decode the labyrinth to my chords;

Ears screaming the voice of hidden raptures, Hands staring at the moon;
Blue bird is aching to name the scent of Music.

Archangels battle fiercely inside my throat,

There's a boisterous fireball sparkling from above the storms,
Timeless instrument playing keynotes shattering the walls.

A Star, brighter than Night   

leads my mind to a terrifying path:
Dreams dreaming about the unknown
Wolves breaking every chest.
The Light writes our destiny
The stars are howling for Truth

My wings float ashore. My wings roar.

It is the sound of your soul breaking the clouds

which keeps my spirit sailing
                      across the

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